Alexis Shaw March 31, 2018

What can I say other than Nick and Liz are absolutely brilliant! When my fiance and I decided to bring two,yes two, 8 wk old Boxer puppies into our lives, we thought we had gone crazy! But we knew we were ready to take on the challenge and bring these two amazing dogs into our lives. It was a blessing, but we also quickly realized that we lacked the skills and training to successfully train these two beauties into the living, well mannered, tempered, dogs that they deserve to be. So, upon researching we found the Balanced Dogs in Delray. Nicks approach upon first glance is very simple, yet effective. He was worked with our dogs individually, together, training while boarding and at our home. Needless to say we were immediately impressed with our dogs by week 1! They are bell trained, sit, stay and walk incredibly well on the leash! They are 5 months old but they are light years ahead of most puppies this age. We use Nick not only for training, but when we have to travel or just need day-care for our pups. PS- we researched and we met with several other company's before making our decision to go w/ Te Balanced Dog and we are super happy we did!

Katie W. January 03, 2019

Five "WOOFS" for The Balanced Dog of Delray Beach

Nick and Liz worked with all the people in our family train our new puppy, Lucy, four years ago. Lucy is so well trained and well adjusted. Between then and now, they have been a great resource for all questions big and small. Lucy was a treated as a member of the family while boarding and Nick and Liz were so accommodating and helpful to us. They would send pictures of our happy dog under their care which made leaving for vacation stress free.

James S. June 20, 2019

The Balanced Dog

Nick was amazing with my dog. He truly is a dog whisperer! He seems to understand the dogs personality and then customizes the training to the specific situation. Everything he told me has worked beautifully and it has resulted in a well trained, happy dog and happy dog owners. I wouldn't hesitate a minute to hire him. It was a great experienced!